Organic Garlic Bulbs


Garlic bulbs is the most commonly used part of the plant.

Garlic bulbs are normally divided into numerous fleshy sections called cloves.  Garlic cloves are used for consumption, raw or cooked.

Unfortunately, most grocery store garlic, which floods the US grocery stores at a low price is cheap because it has been irradiated, sprayed, fumigated and whatever else other countries to do it. This is why it is essential to consume organic garlic.

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About our produce and pantry items (4)

It is more economical as well as efficient for our farmers to harvest items in bulk. We will take the weeks orders and submit them to our farmer for them to harvest. All produce orders will ship out the following Tuesday from when you ordered them. This insures that your produce will always be at the peak of freshness.

Our meat isn’t only grass fed, its grass finished too! This goes for both the beef and pork.

All our farmers providing us fruits and veggies are certified organic by CCOF and we have their certification on file in our main office. Just like the produce all our pantry items are certified organic as well, with the exception of honey, fish and coffee. The honey is from bee’s whose hives have only been sitting in organic orchards, but since we cannot control where a bee flies CCOF (or any reputable certifier) will not certify anyone’s honey as organic. Our honey is completely raw and unfiltered, just the way nature intended it to be! The same rule applies for our fish. All our fish that is offered is caught in local waters, and is wild caught with zero additives, but since we cannot control where a fish swims it cannot be considered certified organic. The coffee is not organically certified as getting a certification in Thailand has been problematic. The roasting process is organically certified.

Our happy chickens are free range and loving life! Their grain is soy based and they have plenty of space to run and scratch around.

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